White is the absence of darkness

Kriss: Sis! Let’s have a pictorial!

Joyce(I): Sureness! Let’s go!

Usually, this is how we will start our pictorial, out of nothingness and boredom! I am really lucky to have sisters, they are automatic bestfriends for life. This time, we decided to have a black and white photoshoot. Costumes, whatever is in our closet. Make ups? I did it of course! This set of ours reminds me of the recent magazine Rogue who covered Anne Curtis. I just happened to find these videos on youtube and all I can say, she look stunning in all angles! I need to grab a copy soon.

Our crazy black and white pictures!

 happy collage

 they are fixing our roof, i thought it’s a nice idea to shoot outside! lol

 my skinny sister

 I can see you


 having a good laugh

 busy playing with her hair

🙂 🙂 🙂

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