BPE: Starbeyks

There are places that automatically becomes a part of our lives. You do not know why but when you are in that area, you feel at home, relaxed and happy. My group of friends and I have a place like this. We didn’t know the exact date when we first ate here, all we know is we keep on coming back. Let me introduce you to La Plaza Cafe, we call it “Starbeyks” within our group, now you may ask why. The answer is, like Starbucks Cafe, they do have an amazing frap and aside from that, their Carbonara is a must taste. The term “beyks” is a lingo for a girlfriend, so we thought, Star + beyks will make it a perfect name. The owner of the shop would be the lovely couple Ate Au and Kuya Ton. This place had been a part of great friendship, non stop laughs, surprise parties, despedida parties and all events in between. Deep in my heart, I am thankful that the owners became one of our truest friends. Age, when it comes to friendship will not matter. They are like our lost Tito and Tita.

Certainly one of the Best Places on Earth!

Like them on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/pages/La-Plaza-Tambay-pa/222038814871

The Owners, Ate Au and Kuya Ton

I = Eating

Ate Au and I making some poses

Us with Kuya Ton (L-R: Mafel, Bham, Jhong, Kuya Ton, Myself, Levy, Ghel)

Jambi’s despedida (L-R: Bham, Jambi, Ate Au and Jhong)

Levy’s despedida (L-R: Jambi, Levy, Myself, Ghel and Jhong)

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