Supermodels in all of us

I am a frustrated model, needless to say, America’s Next Top Model instantly became my favorite show of all time. Currently running on air would be Season 17 known as All Stars. I would just love to look back on those other cycles. Honestly, since they have been on air for quite sometime, I often get confused as to what season a certain girl came from, so I did a little research and made my own collage so that I can match the winning lady from their batchmates. Anyway, hope you find this helpful, that’s if you’re an ANTM addict like me. It’s hard to look for the old cycles but I am happy I was able to complete all of them. Enjoy F-I-E-R-C-E ladies!

Of course we need to start with the SMIZE lady! Tyra Banks!

Adrianne Curry from Cycle 1

Yoanna House from Cycle 2

Eva Pigford from Cycle 3

Naima Mora from Cycle 4

Nicole Linkletter from Cycle 5

Danielle Evans from Cycle 6

 Caridee English from Cycle 7

Jaslene Gonzalez from Cycle 8

Saleisha Stowers from Cycle 9

Whitney Thompson from Cycle 10

Mckey Sullivan from Cycle 11

Teyona Anderson from Cycle 12

Nicole Fox from Cycle 13

Krista White from Cycle 14

Ann Ward from Cycle 15

Brittani Kline from Cycle 16

The all new ANTM ALL STARS! My bet is Allison! Hope she wins this time! Good luck!

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