ABC’s of Life

I visited the mall yesterday, SM Megamall was having it’s 3-day sale. So to speak, there were a lot of people buying this and that. I came from my shift so I was really tired, by 3pm I decided to head home. I was on the FX terminal, it was not so hot since the rain just poured out over the Manila area. Suddenly, I heard noises and when I turned around there was an old lady who was very giddy. Good thing the couple behind was able to catch her. People were panicking because the old lady fainted. I can’t believe myself when I shouted “Ikuha niyo si Lola ng upuan dun!” (“Get grandma a chair there!”) while pointing to the area where they can get one. I am not sure if they heard me but soon enough, someone got them one. I wanted to approach the old lady and assess her. I want to tell her who I was and maybe I can help. I want to tell her to unhook her bra and tell the people around her to calm down. AIRWAY, BREATHING and CIRCULATION were the first things I remember. Unfortunately, my nursing license is expired, good thing the good hearted couple took care of her, they had her drink water, called security guards and even went home with her. I know they will be blessed. God will bless them for being so kind.

One realization for me, I still remember the basics when it comes to emergency, seems like the earth is telling me that I should become a nurse eventhough I am on denial telling myself I will not survive hospital work. Let us see what will happen in the future.

2 thoughts on “ABC’s of Life

  1. well then, PURSUE it! BE IT! you might think it’s hard but it’s not! there are millions of nurses, why can they do it, and why can’t you?

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