I Thank God Everyday!

99% of time, I always feel blessed. Do not get me wrong, my life is not utterly perfect, I had my share of downward spirals and twisted trials. However, God never fails to reach out to me. I am weird but I always get this feeling that He is talking to me. Everything that’s happening in my life, I know He always wanted to make a connection, may it be a sad, difficult or a happy situation. Growing up in a Catholic school,  I have always been taught how to pray and seek God everywhere. It was very helpful indeed, nothing compares to the power of sincere prayer. I know that we have different religions, but in my opinion, is does not really matter as long as we recognize that we have someone greater above us.

Now, I wanted to share to the whole wide world how blessed I am with my life. I am feeling a bit mushy today but I have a lot to thank God for and these are some of them, for having a great family, a very big and loving one actually, for my hardworking parents, for my funny siblings, for my cute niece Caitlyn, for my extended relatives, for true friends who are always there to make me smile, for a lovely house, for my Dad’s business, for the good music around us, for having food everyday, for my make ups and clothes, for my God given talents, for my other creative talents, for my pearly whites and for all those things that God is continually providing me. I can go all day listing things, this is an endless one!

And this point in time, I could not ask for more, all I need to do, is PRAY. So what are you waiting for? Have you thank God yet? Stay blessed like me!

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