Shirts that talk and lights up!

I was sitting at the department store last last week, little did I realize, these shirts are talking to me. Or, they wanted to speak to me, lol! Call me crazy or what but I want to buy all of them. Unfortunately, I’m currently out of budget. I can buy them but I am afraid of starvation. I always make sure I have a lot of extras when it comes to my food budget. Anyway, I am thinking of buying my sisters and brothers these shirts for Christmas, so we will be in uniform.

 This will fit my sister Lily Rose since most of the time she looks angry, haha!

 This will fit my two twin brother, makes me laugh!

 Now this one is for Sis Krissy!

 The last one? for me? Since I’m the bomb! Just kiddin’!

The thing is, I shared these pictures with my sisters and they have a different idea. You know this popular LED shirts? It’s just like a sticker and it has a battery that you need to place on your pocket. The one that lights depending on the music. I mean, they will light up if there’s any kind of noise but it’s better to wear this one at the bar! I can imagine myself wearing this on our year end party. I will feel fab and hip hop! I can’t wait to have one! For sure I will be dancing all night!

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