Tina’s Challenge

I was at work the other day, me and my friend Tina was talking about current events, make ups, and some other stuff. Then it lead to the famous “weight discussion”, the never ending quote “I WANT TO BE THIN!” We have the same problem, we gained a lot of weight due to non stop eating. It’s really hard to stop or reduce eating RICE but I think that’s what I need. I believe this will be one great challenge because our deal is huge, by January we need to be back on our target weight. If one fails, she needs to give the winning one anything worth 3k. May it be make up, perfume or anything the other party wants. If both of us met our target, we will eat somewhere nice. See! That is what I call a real deal. So now, I am really serious about getting back on shape. I haven’t thought of the exact thing that I want to have in case I win but I want a lot so I am 100% sure I will be able to think of something. (at the bottom of my hypothalamus, I want make ups)

Before I start my self control diet, I need to have some SMART goals. This is my top 5:

1. Drink at least 4 glasses of water – Now you may think why only 4 instead of 8. Well I am not a water drinker, I usually drink Milo or any chocolate drink in the morning and once I get to work at night, by the end of the shift I have already enjoyed 4 cups of mocha coffee from the vendo machine. Not so healthy right? Yes I know. One more unhealthy stuff, I have been drinking a lot of softdrinks. When I say a lot, lunch, dinner, merienda and when I get thirsty, I go for Coke. As Mommy Doris said (one of my workmates also) I am depriving myself of something cheap. So I need to start gulping!

2. Eat half rice twice a day – Rice is what makes Asian people happy, one fact that I heard. I get most of my energy from eating it, I am so afraid if I cut down on rice, my happy hormones will be gone as well. Hmmmmm, that is my personal thinking, although deep down I know it will not affect my mood, lol. Super duper crazy me. My thoughts are contradicting each other, haha! If my sister was able to control herself before when it comes to eating rice, there’s no way I can’t do it!

3. Jog on place – My friends and I always plan that we will jog, sad to say our schedules do not meet. So now that I have my rubber shoes (my package from Dubai just arrived yesterday) I can jog in place! Yey! Maybe I will start for 30 mins a day, then every weekend, for an hour.

4. Choose Starbucks Juices or Tazo Mint Tea over Mocha Frap – Addictions can be healed by a better addiction. I need to let go of my cravings so I can achieve my goal.

5. Think of J.Lo as my Thinspiration 🙂 I can’t choose any celebs except her, at her age, she still look FAB from head to toe! Look at those abs!


Thanks Tina for this challenge, I will blog our pictures next year! Muah!

2 thoughts on “Tina’s Challenge

  1. won’t force u to do #4, u’ll waste money, spend it on frappuccinos! it’s worth it! else, go buy a box of tazo tea and leave it in your fave sb store, make sure the baristas remember u, they’ll serve it whenever u visit! better idea!

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