11.11.11 at 11:11

Lucky date? I am not so sure but I celebrated this date with my loved ones. Our plan A was to see the lanterns at Mega Tent. Unfortunately due to some problems, the organizers of the event cancelled it. Good thing we have plan B, go to Mercato and eat, since the crowd is not that huge that area compared to Bancheto. Since it was friday and almost everyone was out to see the lanterns, we were quite afraid that we will not make it in time to Bonifacio Global City. But God is super great, we were there before 10:30 pm.

This was me posing on our favorite foot bridge, while waiting.

 The crazy sisters! Lily Rose, Lovely Kriss and I.

 Making some drama with our phones 🙂

 Mercato Tent, located at BGC, near S&R, back part of Starbucks.

Pose with the tent.

 It was super hot! Got my drinks ready!

 The crowd who loves to eat.

 We needed a bit of fresh air, so we headed to the grass area.

 So here are the lanterns, we thought we will not see one, but the people at Mercato were all ready. It was such a delight seeing them light the lanterns.

Getting ready to fly! It’s Tangled time!

They look like big stars up and above! Lovely!

 Now, let us eat. My favorite baby potatoes, it’s a bit heavy for the stomach and good for my diet!

 The monster burger at Php 175.00

 The thin crust pizza

 And the famous lasagna

Even my fingers look fat, lol!

 They are busy eating

 A late lantern with the moon

 Christmas season is in the air! Christmas lights surrounds the Fort

 Finally, after a long time, I was able to have a picture with this miniature building.

 All the Starbucks were full, so we ended up in Silver City for the nth time. Sissy is not so happy with her frap, it tasted different… good thing they got her a new one.

 Green tea frap and I

 It all ends with a wrong spelling. Ciao!

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