Planners: years, months, days written down

Every year, almost everyone is waiting for this promo. The Starbucks sticker collection is very popular, I am not quite sure though when they started this out but I had my first planner way back 2007. However, this is only good for coffee addicts like me. If you are not one of us, you will have a hard time completing the stickers. It’s actually very fun collecting them, why? you get to spend a lot of time with your loved ones, good friends, close friends and all kinds of people. I even ended up dating myself. For all those singles, who knows? you might end up meeting that one true love? Haha!

 Starbucks Silver CIty

 The sticker card

You actually get a chance to choose which option you want. Honestly, I am not collecting for myself this year, I am just helping my sister Lovely Kriss. I have already decided to get a Belle de Jour Planner for my 2012. But if I were to choose between these two options, I’ll choose this one. Special drinks plus the normal fraps.

 This is option 2 where all you need is fill up the 23 stickers, no need for the special drinks.

 This is my sister Lovely Kriss with her stickers.

2007-2011 PLANNERS

My 2007 planner, if I am not mistaken Sister Jolly Vi gave this to me as a gift, exact date was January 9, 2007. This is also where I met NICO, haha! I think almost everyone knows him/her but they are not aware of his/her name.

 Highlight of my 2008? A lot! Passed the Ms. Nursing crown to my very good friend Levely Esguerra and traveled a lot. Sister Jolly got married 🙂

 2009? Sister Jolly left for the US. Continued traveling and beachin.

 My friend Marielle got married this year, June 25, 2010 we went to Bicol and watched her exchange vows.

After so many years, curls, straight, curls again, I decided to cut my hair on February 19, 2011. Now I am trying to grow my hair again, coz’ whenever I see this pic, I feel a pang of sadness.

 Get ready for 2012! Good luck to those who are collecting stickers! You can do it! Keep on planning!

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