Crack your nails!

I think this thing got famous early this year but I was not given the chance to try it until last month. My mom gave me these special nailpolish from Revlon that cracks. They are famously known as crack nails or crackle nails, any of the two names will do, the bottom line is, they crack!

What I specifically love about this product and you only need to apply it once. I remember reading something about crack nails that if you want to have more cracks, apply two or three layers. Fortunately, for Revlon Crackle nail polish, one layer is enough. However, it is better if you have a white base before you apply them, so that you will clearly see the cracks. I think that’s why they call it an overcoat 🙂

 See??? It is very lovely! The design looks great!

The finished product!

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