Victoria’s Secret Now and Then

Last Friday morning, I was able to watch the complete show of the much awaited Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2011. I was in awe and I even had this one “kilig” moment when Adam Levine of Maroon 5 kissed one angel. I was screaming to death! Watching the angels flaunt their wings and other paraphernalia was such a delight. I remember the days when Tyra and Giselle used to strut their signature walks.

Yesterday, I got the chance to see my college friends and my good friend Rica Castro said that the 2010 show was better compared to this year. Well, I was not able to watch the last year’s event. So today, the first thing I did was sit in front of the lappy toppy and buffed the 2010 show. Honestly, I think last year was better than this year. Aside from Katy Perry opened the show and I am such a huge fan, their collections from last year were really stunning. What I loved this year was the fact that they interviewed the models longer. It was a nice act since people get to know them better. Not only are they known for modeling, but their talents were revealed also.

 TYRA BANKS with the other angels way back 2005.

For those who want to catch the show, here it is!

Victoria’s Secret 2010

Victoria’s Secret 2011

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