Near the horizon at Punta de Fabian

Earlier this year, during the month of love, my group of friends and I visited Punta de Fabian located in Tanay Rizal. We opted to travel some where near because of time constraints. We just actually took the day tour instead of the overnight. Since most of us are working during this time, our schedules would not meet. Too bad, but hey, we would rather spend a day with each other rather than not going. The ultimate goal is for us to bond and have a good time.

 This was us before leaving my place. If you will notice, Jhong is not yet on the picture. She was late, tsk tsk, just kiddin. It does not matter at all, as long as she arrives. (L-R Jambi, Levy, Mafel, myself, Ghel, Sheera and Bham).

It was not so far from our area since we just live within Rizal as well, maybe around 35 minutes of travel time will do. I was talking to the guard in this picture. Excited!

First thing we did was sit and take thousands of pictures! When I say thousands, all the poses and smirks you can think about. Forgive our vanity but this is how we do it! Haha! (L-R Mafel, Levy, Bham, myself, Jhong, Ghel, Jambi and Sheera)

So this is our version of Jejemon pose!

I do not know what I was doing here! So funny, caught in the act. But even Jambi and Sheera has weird expressions here, I wonder what we were talking about.

Overlooking infinity pool, pretty right? And I tell you, the place is really situated in a high area. The cool wind was refreshing.

I know that the tripod is taller than me! No need to comment on that!

I am feeling my red top! It flows with the wind.

My neneng pose.

Our telenovela group shot entitled, “Be happy”.

Here’s another one, entitled “Wala lang”

We look so young in this pic, not sure why but maybe because of our smiles and Bham’s smooch! 🙂

Mafel, she can be a model of Bayo.

Jhong, cast of dwarfina!

Cool as her shades.

Jambi’s taking some time to dip in the pool.

Sheera, the voluptuous one.

Ghel sitting nicely with a great background behind her.

Did I say red lipstick? Yes Levy, said so.

Jhong is looking cute in her white dress.

Now Mafel can be a model of Kamiseta.

Bham shouted pink and shades in this photo.

The long legged girls side by side.

Our lovely group shot overlooking Tanay Rizal.


Shades of grey.

The main building.

Having some fun in the pool.


Kidding aside!

The besties, Jhong and Jambi.

A shot near our room.

Taking some time to rest.

Never ever leave Sheera!

The unstoppable smile!

I caught the light!

Eating lunch, the chicken tasted good.

Merienda time.

Sandwich for all of us.

This was the chicken I was talking about earlier.

They are always on the news.

The dining area.

Ready for buffet, anyone?

Time to be wacky!

With Twinkie on the road.

With Bluemagic 🙂

We closed the event by drinking coffee at Starbucks SM Taytay.

For more infos about the place and get their rates, visit their website and do not forget to like their page as well on Facebook.

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