Hua Mulan, the comb that changed my life

Three years ago, every waking moment of my life, I can’t count the loose hairstrands on my pillow. Hairfall, was one big problem. I have tried all things when it comes to taking good care of my hair… coconut shampoo, shampoo only every other day, use a silk pillowcase, the list goes on and still, my hair keeps detaching from my scalp. 😦

Then came a day when I was strolling along SM Megamall when I stumbled upon a store named HUA MULAN: combs and accessories. It was a haven of fine combs, the best part? all are made of wood! The saleslady was explaining their product and I listened carefully. She said something I will never forget “Maam, nakakalessen yan ng hairfall” (in english, “Maam, it lessens hairfall”) Kaboom! The moment she said the magic word, I knew I had to get one for myself. I can’t help but easily fall in love with this cute addition in my kikay kit.

Three years and I am still using it, call me a bit crazy or what but I feel incomplete without this comb. I can’t leave the house if it’s not inside my bag or purse. There are even times when I thought I lost it and I will search endlessly until I find it again. Consequently, the saleslady was right! I said good bye to my hairfall problems maybe after 2 months after I bought it. I am so contented with this product and I can say it will never be a waste of money. Trust me, you can even quote me on this “Hua Mulan combs are the worlds finest combs” on earth.

Just the other day, while I was shopping for some Christmas presents, the same store caught my attention again. I told myself, maybe after three years of using it, I deserve another one. True enough, the urge was too strong to fight, within minutes, I was asking my sister to help me choose a different style. And now, I got another one with a handle. After some time, my sister said she wanted the same comb that I bought to be her gift. Since I will not give her my new comb in any way, I just got her a new one! Now my sister will be as happy as me for sure! Thank you so much Hua Combs, my hair problems were all long gone.

To all of you who’s reading this, it’s just not about hairfall but more of taking good care of your crowning glory. Go and visit this stores below! Purchase one for yourself and do not forget to like their page in Facebook.

SM Megamall Bldg A 2nd Level

SM North Edsa Annex 2nd Level

SM North Edsa The Block 2nd Level

Robinson’s Place Manila 2nd Level


23 thoughts on “Hua Mulan, the comb that changed my life

  1. Hi Joy, thank you so much for your great experience with our combs. That’s the reason why I have this business, because of my falling hair. After using it for some months, my falling hair lessens also. The 2nd comb with handle you bought is called a Therapeutic Massage Comb which lessens falling hair, relieves stress and headache/migraine. It’s an acupuncture comb which help those with high blood pressure, always stressed and bell palsy.

    Next time, please try goat’s horn or ox horn, which prevents white hair and falling hair. You should have it while you’re young so gray hair will not be your problem in the future.

    How young are you?

    GOD bless and we truly appreciate your comments!!!


    1. Hi Ms. Edith, it was so nice of you to post here on my blog, the pleasure is mine. I am glad you liked it and even shared the qualities and usage of my combs. Now I know more facts about them, my mom is actually asking me to buy her one and I guess I will. I am 26 years old as of the mean time, for sure I’ll try your goat’s horn/ox horn soon!

      Have a lovely day ahead! 🙂

  2. i got my new one today ox/goat horn with handle…i love it and hoping for less hairfall in the future…:))

  3. last month I got a huamulan comb made of oxgoat horn its worth it thanks from a friend from the net Anne…

      1. Hi Maria, I haven’t tried the ox horn yet 🙂 but you can ask the sales lady for more info. They know the differences well with each comb. Thank you for dropping by!

  4. Hi! After 3days of migraine attack, I decided to purchase goat horn comb. Hope this will help. Finally, after several visit to their kiosk in Rob Malate… got mine na din… 🙂

  5. Got my first hua mulan comb just a week ago tho i have been visiting their kiosk every time i visit Sm lanang davao for the past few months. It seems the price wasn’t that pracical for me that it took me undecided for months!

    Yes! Indeed it is true. For just a week of using this, it is pretty noticeable that my hairfalls have lessened! Well, i am quite sure the best is yet to come. Now, i am already planning to buy another for my hubby! Hehehee..

  6. I had stumbled with this shop also at Megamall in May this year. Anything that is about hair problem can easily catch my attention because I have thinning hair and who knows by miracle my hair would start again to grow. Anyways, After brief explanation of the saleslady, i told her to give me a brush and this wooden comb with handle; so i bought two. Its been a month only of using these combs on alternate basis and not expecting quickly for a good result, though i love it coz the bristles are soft and good for head massage. I wish that in the coming months, i could see good results that would totally change my life.

  7. I spotted their kiosk at SM Lanang maybe two years ago.Out of curiousity, I had to ask what made the comb so pricey. I have a healthy thick hair, but the whites are starting to come out. The saleslady said that there are health benefits and so on. I asked her if I could try a comb, I forgot which type I tried but having done so, I instantly got this relaxing feeling on the head, after a day’s work. I got a comb right on and got another when I went back to Davao. Since I am not fond of hair treatments, I’m so glad to find out that just using the comb, with many strokes over and over, will smoothen out the hair like you just had a treatment. At least for me.

    They’re great as gifts. I’m glad they’re available online right now so getting them will be a breeze.

  8. I started using my hua mulan comb last 2008, it was my christmas gift to my self. i bought it in SM megamall kiosk. at first im interested with the organic effect of the comb. i choose the theraputic massage comb because i think it is perfect for me. they have also personalized engrave of name in the comb handle. Now, its been 7years i still have my hua mulan massage comb. thank you also for the repair service.teeth of my comb are damage. now its like new again! im very satisfied i love my comb! i said to my self when time come “ipapamana ko ito sa unang babaeng mgiging apo ko” hehehe! Goodjob! more power.

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