Ethnic Madness

One of the many things I adore in this world are EARRINGS! From the normal up to the weirdest ones! I had a huge collection and early last year I made a difficult decision. And that is to sell my earrings collection. Not all of them were sold because I gave some of it to my Dubai friends. I am a firm believer that if you want someone to remember you, you must give them a part of you that’s special.

Lately, I practiced being a minimalist when it comes to accessorizing. However, when my sister and I were looking for some Christmas gift at St. Francis Square in Mandaluyong City, I came over this unique shop. I have never seen such lovely and oh-so-ethnic accessories. My eyes were glued on a particular weird earring.

Pair # 1 The upside down pink wooden earring: Who would not fall for this Beyonce type earring? If you are just wearing a plain black dress or a white tee, making this a partner will turn you into a head turner! (I am super hooked on this one, I am wearing it right at this very moment)

So, I thought that was it! But wait, there’s more! I saw another one!

Pair # 2 The armored earring: Ready for battle? If Cleopatra was alive, she would love this one I am sure. Wearing this on a formal occasion with your pearl necklace is no failure!

Done! I talked to the saleslady and said I would pay for it, while waiting for my change, my head will not stop turning. My sister just sat down a chair because she knows deep in her heart she can’t stop me from shopping earrings. And my eyes became bigger as laid my eyes on…

Pair # 3 The Mother of Pearl: Talk about shells and all that stuff, I can imagine myself walking in the finest sands, with colorful dress, the wind on my shoulder and these dangling earrings on my ears of course. So to close the deal, I ended up buying 3 pairs. I didn’t feel any guilt! These are additions to my wonderful collection. NOW, I changed my mind, I will not sell the remaining earrings that I have, I will keep them for real!

And just when you thought it’s really over??? IT”S NOT!

I got two new additions to my ethnic madness. I decided to buy myself a new year’s gift.

A funky bracelet that states “INSPIRE”. I chose this one since it will set as a reminder that I must be a good example so that I can continue to be a blessing to other people lives.

Last, a reggae anklet which will constantly remind of Bob Marley and the saying “Don’t worry, be happy”.

So what did you get for yourself this 2012?

2 thoughts on “Ethnic Madness

  1. I absolutely love the second pair of earrings!
    They’re beautiful.
    I think I might attempt to make some just like them. 🙂

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