Way back college, I learned that antibiotics are useless if you forgot to take it at the said date. For example, you should take it twice a day for 7 days, if on the third day, you forgot to take 1 antibiotic, its better to go back to your doctor and he will prescribe a stronger one. Right now, at this very moment, I am fighting with all might to blog, I had this strong urge to write because if I will not do so, I am as useless like that forgotten antibiotic. My head is as big as Betty Boop’s and yes it’s bursting with pain with every minute I type a word here.

Why in the world am I sick? This is only the beginning of 2012. It’s not yet past the first quarter and I have exhausted 3 out of seven sick leaves! Not good, not good. Now I feel really useless. But I think, if you’re sick, you can be useless. I can’t expect myself and force myself to do 3 things at a time. Before it’s too late, I will forgive myself already. Maybe I went too far and pushed my limits. I will remember, at times, like Superman, I can lose my kyrptonite and be helpless.

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