Plant Cecille!

Trees, if one sees them, Earth will automatically cross one’s mind. Lately, I had this weird feeling of missing someone, a dear old friend of mine named Cecille. Now you may wonder, how on earth am I talking about a tree and at the same time a friend? Well, when I met her, she used to call me by a different name, as you can see, my name is Joyce and she calls me “Muning”. She said I look like her old team leader. As days pass, we became close and we always had this talk of joining a plant a tree project. I would to do something extraordinary like that! Not only will I be spending time with a good friend but I know it would be a big help for Mother Earth. However, as days passed, we became busy with work and all things in between. Needless to say, we were not able to attend any plant a tree a project. She decided to leave the company and pursue her long life dream of preaching. The last time I saw her, she got our mailing addresses since they are not allowed to use any other forms of communication like facebook, twitter and emails. It makes me sad now, I suddenly miss her so much and I still want to plant a tree with her. I posted on her wall a few times but got no response, I wonder where she is now. In any case, if she reads this I will  be very thankful. The heavens are guiding her on her chosen path I am sure of that. Cecille Dabu, wherever you are, keep in mind that you have a real friend in me. Still looking forward for that TREE! God speed!

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