“Mind over Matter”

I haven’t thought much about this quote before. Now it seems like I need to believe in it, or else I will find myself in the midst of nothingness. Most of the time, since I have been so busy with my life, like wokring, doing errands, and spending quality time with my loved ones, I always feel sleepy. It came to me as a surprise as well. I was never the type that easily gets sleepy specially when I am doing something I need to do.

The other day, I found myself fighting over my heavy eyelashes. No matter how I shake my body and exercise in the washroom, it didn’t work! 5 minutes before our supposed to be “15 minute break” in the office, my head was already down and I felt so weary. After work, I went home and slept straight for 12 hours.

What am I doing? Seriously, I am turning into a little monster, letting go of my good habits and all. Feels bad, so see? I need to get this “Mind over Matter” practice once again before I turn into a useless monster.

Hoping to feel better soon, what are your thoughts?

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