Pahiyas and Kipings 2012

Pahiyas Festival is just one of the many events you can visit here in the Philippines. It is celebrated annually every 15th of May. As a kid, we used to go here  and after some time we stopped due to busy schedules. But this year, I was so happy I was able to finally come back. The only problem as usual is lack of sleep since I work at night. After Monday shift, we immediately traveled going to Lucban Quezon which was  hours away from Binangonan Rizal (our place).

My niece Caitlyn with her never ending peace pose!

Grand and Mom

Ate Tek and I

Mom and I, with the mini house! Cute!

You can always go shopping for cheap things here, like the fan I am holding!

Hat, slippers, suman SHOPPING! Talk about face paints!

Can’t get enough of this flowers! Ooopps, they are actually called KIPINGS (leaf-shaped rice wafer that comes in different colors)

Famous Longganisa!

Kipings are wonderful!

Start of the parade, upper right hand corner of the picture is their Patron Saint San Isidro.

And yes, do not forget the pretty ladies in their fabulous costumes! All earth friendly, Kiping inspired and oh so colorful!

Carabao’s and horses with their fruits and vegetables!



Winner! PHP 100,000.00! Wow! Lotsa money for this house huh!

My favorite house. Clean design and look at those green bananas!

You can eat Kipings if you want! Just deep fry them, put a little sugar! Tsada! You can eat them already!

I was dying when I saw these stuff! REGGAE!

Give aways!

The Higantes are here too!

Look at oily my face was after the event! It was hot but worth it! So many people!

Make sure to visit next year! You may see me selling balloons! Haha! ‘Til next year!

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