Girl in Blue and Men in Black

Spent my whole day watching “Men in Black” movies. To tell you honestly, I was never a big fan of this alien thingy stuff. I mean, I adore Starwars but not MIB. Still I needed to give myself a chance to know the story, expanding my horizon is one thing I am good at.

I woke up earlier as usual, popped out of bed, had breakfast and started my DVD marathon. First movie was cool, I met characters K and J (and the aliens which I found cute). So they became partners in crime and saving the earth from bad aliens who wanted to invade Earth. Their action stunts are well executed along with their weird guns and “Neuralyzer”. The idea of using a neuralyzer was actually cool but not so cool when it comes to the truth. It wipes out the past event that recently happened, worse, it can wipe out all your memory (depends which level are they gonna click). Like having an alzheimers I believe. My favorite part of the movie was when Agent K searched for her wife using the PC and saw her gardening. It was the time when he was thinking how he missed her so much and all of it was taken away since he joined MIB (part of the deal was that he never existed).

MIB 2, the fighting and saving and neuralyzing continues with K and J hand in hand. Although at the start of it, Agent J needed to bring back Agent K the hard way. Still they survived and saved the planet earth again.

Third movie of the Men in Black for me was the best. The plot was great specially if you watched the first two movies before watching the last one. Also it comes in 3D that made the effects amazing! Talk about the story in a deep way, it tackled “TRUTH”. Agent J needed to follow Agent K by time travelling and save him. As per Agent K, “There are questions you don’t wanna know the answer”. True enough, the ending has the biggest twist! Turned out that when Agent K was about to get shot by Boris the animal, a man saved him. That man was Agent J’s father. Since that was Year 1969 (if I’m not mistaken) James was very young and K had to use the neuralyzer so that the memories he had with his dad will be forgotten. This is the part when I was crying my heart out because as a grown up, J witnessed the biggest heartache of his life, and the truth was laid out before him. Turned out that Agent K from the very start chose Agent J for a reason.

As for me, I do not ask if I’m not interested in the answer. Some questions are presented to us the hard way, answering them are way too difficult. Sometimes, it’s for the best that we don’t know the answer to our questions. We just need to believe that our answers are the truth and live by it. Now I LOVE MEN IN BLACK!

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2 thoughts on “Girl in Blue and Men in Black

    1. I want that PUG! So adorable, haha! However, I am not good when it comes to pet. I remember I only had one pet in my entire life, and guess what? it’s a fighting fish! After 3 months, she died! 😦

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