Sleep Oh Sleep!

Normally, I sleep on an average of nine hours a day. A lot of people say I am so lucky. I believe I am but come to think of it, maybe the number of our sleep hours depends on us. Way back college, nursing days were so stressful I only slept for 6 hours daily except on Sundays. I have many things on my plate and a lot of times 24 hours wasn’t enough. So I suffered from insomnia and had to take sleeping pills just to get my eyes closed.

Just now, I realized I am wasting my time sleeping for nine or more hours in a day. Something is kinda wrong about this.
1. Books – My books are getting pretty dirty on my bookshelf. Some of them are still wrapped in covers. Reading has been my passion since gradeschool. How come, I ain’t in the mood for reading lately? I also became an orbicularist (someone who reads in bed) though deep in my heart, I am aware that it’s not a good practice. My eyes are also suffering, day by day, seems like everything looks a lil bit blurry.
2. Exercise – Can’t remember the last time I stretched my muscles and cracked my bones. Once my alarm rings, I’m up instantly and straight to the comfort room I go.
3. Television – One of the stuff on this earth that I have a love and hate relationship with. Never loved watching too many tv shows or series. I just simply miss National Geographic and HBO Channel.
4. FM Radio – Though I have an Ipod, listening to radio shows like Sunday Slowdown are one of the best things in life. Chillin’ on a weekend isn’t complete without it. Lately, I’d rather sleep it off.

To top it all, I’m sleeping like a hibernating mammal. I guess this is not good as well. One quote I came across with says “Do not sleep for too long, coz you might miss out on some great things”.


2 thoughts on “Sleep Oh Sleep!

  1. i agree! less sleep, more fun! LOL long hours of sleep isnt that bad especially when you know your mind and body need it so bad but stop making it your regular thing hahaha but i love you though!

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