Close to perfection…Calaguas Island!

The Calaguas experience all in all was “inspiring and beautiful“. Another time where you will find yourself thanking God for creating such a wonderful place.  He never goes wrong! Of all the places I have been too, this was close to perfection.

We left Manila on a Saturday night around 10:30 in the evening and arrived at the pier 7:15 in the morning. It takes additional 2 hours to reach Calaguas Island via bat but for me it was worth it (make sure you already prepared your sarongs and umbrellas before the boat trip, the sun might burn your skin instantly). The pacific ocean played with different shades of blue and green, really breathtaking how the color changes. The roaring sound of the machine against the view was lovely. Personally, I am really excited for this trip except that I had an emotional breakdown when we reached the island. When my back pack was handed to me, it was all wet and dripping! Call me kinda OC but yes I am, I cried for a few minutes with the thought of “I do not have any extra dry clothes and I do not want to wear unclean clothes”. Good thing the sun was extra hot that day and of course my girls helped me out, so from the bottom of my heart, Thank You Girls. I did appreciate the effort for washing my clothes and for helping me dry them up. Gosh, I do hate it when I cry because of small things, still I can’t stop my tears so forgive me for that, talk about being a happy nut and crybaby at the same time.

This is the port, look at those lovely mangrove like trees!

Our group, don’t you hate life vests? Hate it, makes me feel suffocated. These girls of mine are afraid of the boat sinking… lol!

I wonder what do they call this mountain, pretty nice huh?

Water and stones are such a delight to see!

Look how clear the water is ♥

First group girl shot, background was AWESOME!

While crying and hanging up my clothes, still managed a smile.

The sun was clear on a Sunday, we took some thousand of pictures and had the pleasure of swimming for a few hours. Before we know it, lunch was ready and since we had a long ride, the food was gone within a matter of minutes. The wind was not that strong in the afternoon so at first we had a hard time sleeping, but then again we fell asleep. After a few hours, we were awakened by the loud noise of the other group near us. I dusted the sands of me and dragged myself out of the tent.  The sun was raging with heat and I was sweating real bad. I ate some bread first and after that changed to my other swimsuit (yes, for pictorial and dancing purposes). Again, everybody was up and it was time for our group pictorial. It was such a happy time, we kept on laughing and laughing since we can’t get a nice perfect shot. It took us ages until we decided to stop what we are doing since the sun is setting already. We walked back to our area and then we swam again for a lil’ while (skinny dipping anyone? holler!). This time, the water temperature was cool and we loved it. We would love to stay there but we know it’s not that safe since there was not enough light. The island does not have any electricity and signal, so cellular phones are useless and when night time comes, a flashlight will be your best bud. There is an artesian well or water pump (commonly known as “poso” in the Philippines) where fresh water comes out so you will not have any problem when it comes to shower. After cleaning up, we had dinner and decided to drink some alcohol. Unfortunately, I told them I will drink but ended up sleeping until the next day. The last thing I remember was them playing “Pinoy Henyo” while I was watching the moon and stars. They are magnificent and clear! I have never seen so many stars since my high school (where we had stargazing during first year).

“The shell”

Calaguas at a glance.

This is the middle part of the island where tents are built.

Love Mother Nature, throw your trash properly please.

“The Boat”

Getting ready to get tanned up.

Swim baby swim!

Love the water! Wanna come back for more!

See how HOT it is? But if you are here, you will not mind it I bet!

Having some fun in the sand.

Change outfit time!

Sleep all day sleep all day ♫

I am the lost mermaid! Haha!

Yes dear?

Ala ANTM Top Models 🙂

Closer look  please!

Closest to perfection shot of us while having a good time.

From L-R (I, Mafel, Ghel, Jambi, Sheera, Jhong, Bham and Levy)

So happy together!

I told you I can live here… and just eat sands…

…while the sun is on my face.

The Calaguas shoreline.

“Sunset jumpshot”

Monday, our last day was spent on walking at the beach side and of course, swimming! Who could resist the waters of Calaguas? Not me! 9am and we are all set, this time, our bags are all placed in a plastic bag to make sure they will not get wet again and I will not have to experience another breakdown. We traveled again for 2 hours and then a few minutes on the road again. By lunchtime we are in Bagasbas area, where surfers go. Swimming is not allowed here since the water current is strong and the waves are present 24/7. We decided to eat lunch first and the nearest restaurant was Catherine’s. The place looked so great we didn’t expect something “not so good” will happen. This was it. I do not RECOMMEND the restaurant at all (that’s bold and capitalized). We waited for our food for 1 hour and we are the only group who ordered at that time. I can’t imagine how hungry I was, when they served the refreshments after we placed our order, I finished my iced tea within 10 minutes. While waiting for the super slow service, I felt dizzy and my eyes was kinda blurry. I looked for the washroom and there, I vomited with all my glory. That’s not the end, they punched our orders wrong which led to more confusion. Plus, the waiter who took our orders was not on his happiest state. Even at first we noticed that he was not that accommodating, we just shook it off. But after some time, he’s already saying some things which set us on fire. We do not want to stress ourselves out since we are so hungry but we can’t let it go. Sorry,  NO TIP for you kuya! BAD and slow service!

The incident made us want to leave immediately and I was the only one who took photos of the Bagasbas Beach. Everybody wants to go home since it will be another long trip. We watched the colors of the surrounding change from white to black and again, we are back in the busy streets of EDSA.

Bham having a good time, see the color of the waves? MAGICAL!

Reggae beats.

The sand and I.

Walk walk walk.

The cute old boat.

The crazy ones… Jhong and I

The not so crazy version of ourselves.

Pose Pose Pose


Calaguas sands.

The group, huge!

Last shot of the island.

Here we are at Catherine’s, look at my face! I look so hungry here!

Bham is MAD!

Smile! Though my lungs were almost out of my throat due to vomiting.

Inside this resort is Catherine’s Restaurant.

Still I looked for brighter things… THE BAGASBAS HORIZON.

I’ll give 4.5/5 rating for the overall trip (but if you can’t let go of your phones, you will not enjoy it) except for the latter part (Christine’s Restaurant).

We would like to thank Kuya Yunan and Kuya Richard for accomodating us, we got the package for Php 3100.00/person. If you are interested, please email me and I will forward you his number. If you do not like to have any problems when it comes to food and tent and boat rides, book them now! 🙂

Much love from our bikinis, Thank you Calaguas!

***Some photos are grabbed from my girls with permission,  make sure to take a look at Angelica Sandra’s Blog too where you can catch a glimpse of our summer getaways and her say on Catherine’s Restaurant!***

11 thoughts on “Close to perfection…Calaguas Island!

  1. Beautiful pictures of bikinis and skin, as well as beaches and surf. I miss being close to the ocean and the interesting people that gather there. Although I do enjoy the rough rugged mountains, and the wilderness of the high deserts. There is great beauty to be found everywhere, in the colors of a stone, or in the texture of your navel.
    Snow you say, as I look out my window and see a blanket of it. Picture yourself inside a freezer, and you may begin to connect to snow. The environment of snow is so completely different from sun and surf, you really couldn’t get any more opposite.
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful and warm adventures, and taking me to a place of my souls memory… of a love for the sea and it’s people.

    1. Chris, I thank you for the kind words and for appreciating this entry. You are right, there is a great beauty everywhere, there will always be. I love the way you look at things, guess we have that in common.

      Since I live in a tropical country, I guess all I can share are photos of sun, sea and sand. We are surrounded by it, but of course, I am hoping one day to touch the snow and eat the first snow flake that lands on my nose 🙂

      Have a great and fruitful day, all the way from the sunny Philippines!

  2. Hi Thanks for this really very interesting write up and all the lovely pics of places and people. . I plan to go to Palawan later in the year. But this place is far out and wild. I love it.

      1. Coron Palawan fantastic. WIll need to do some groundwork. I was in Boragay last Nov/Dec. Absolutely loved it there. Beautiful. You are so lucky to have such beautiful places and people. I m live in London but I am from from Malaysia.

      2. Thank you so much! The Philippine Islands are to die for 🙂 I still can’t get enough of it and I go back to the same beaches all over again. Thanks for visiting our country and for valuing our culture.

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