“All great changes are preceded by chaos”

Blog title was easy, just got it from Google and it was from the famous man named Deepak Chopra. Honestly I heard it from a dear friend yesterday and he was kinda laughing at how odd the quote sounded. True enough, because hearing it for the first time, it seemed negative to me too. Minutes and hours passed and these seven words was stuck in my head like the song “I, I love you like a love song baby”

Changes as well all know, is never-ending. THAT WILL ALWAYS BE A FACT! So the question is, how willing are we to accept changes? How willing are we to expand our horizon and leave our comfort zone where in we feel at home all the time? Like, drinking milk in the morning because you ran out of coffee and cream. I was not so sure about it myself so I took some quiet time alone and thought about it real hard. My mind was running out in the open, nowhere to go because it was blank until I realized that changes are not really that bad. I mean, it depends on the situation but we can always think about the positive effects it can bring (I thank God for giving me a positive inner goddess).

One example I can think of was when I got transferred to a coed school during my second year in high school. Frightened as I described it… I was really nervous on the first day. Coming from an all girls environment, I was like: How do I act?,How do I eat?, Who will be my friends?, were a few questions on my mind. After two years, I was thankful for the big change. WHY? I met my first love there and met 8 gorgeous ladies. Up to now, memories of my first “I Love You’s” never fails to lift me up. And the thought of unlimited birthday celebrations, Christmas themed parties, colorful summers and never-ending Sunday stories with my girls always make me smile from ear to ear.

So as you can see, though my first love didn’t last that long, it was fine with me. Feelings come and go but memories will stay. Besides I still have my 8 gals and there are more Sundays to come.

To sum it all up, Changes always happen, they are inevitable but once the REASONS surface on why that change occurred, it will not fail us. Faith should be connected to Change. Change pushes us to a different direction, sometimes it so dark we can’t see, only Faith acts like the light that will get us through the long dark tunnel.

So now, I am embracing Change again, I will have to let go of the negative thoughts, and be guided by the light to direct me… in the path called LIFE and experience ultimate happiness.

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