Still blogging by the Age of 27

It has been a year and I cannot explain how I feel inside, today is a special day for me. MY BLOG IAMSUPERISTAR TURNS 1! I am so happy, been getting a lot of good feedback from my personal and online friends about this blog of mine. As I said on my first ever post “Blogging has always been on my mind however whenever I start one entry my brains will go into “what’s that thing I want to write again?” mode”. Now I can say, I have learned that pushing myself into writing is not how hard as I imagined it would be.

Now once I start writing and when I’m on the mood, words will automatically flow. This site of mine does not discuss of a specific genre, it’s all in one! Simply because I want to share a lot with my readers. This is all about, food havens, random events, pure thoughts, captured photos and endless love. I really hope my followers are satisfied with what they read and see in here. If not, do not be afraid to tell me, I am always open for good criticism.

Again, happy first birthday dearest blog!

5 thoughts on “Still blogging by the Age of 27

  1. happy anniversary to your wonderful blog! may you have longer “in the zone” writing moments, as i call them. may your readers multiply and may you continue to be an inspiration to other bloggers and would be bloggers. cheers!

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