How I fell out of LOVE, the DABDA way

Denial – For the first time, I was in denial that my love is fading. How can love fade? How can you go from being in love and then later fall out of it?

Anger – So I was angry at myself for feeling the way I am feeling, that I was running out of love for a person I chose to love. There came a point I just want to run and never return for real. I have imagined myself helping out the ethnic group at the Banaue Rice Terraces. Being a registered nurse I think I can teach them a lot and really be helpful, plus the scenery is great. Truly a great plan for escape.

Bargaining – I asked God to give me some strength and more love so I can continue and fight for my “fading feelings”.

Depression – My name is Joycelyn, thus being named so, “joy” is a natural part of me. So I tried my best to mask it the easiest way I know how. BE HAPPY though I am dying on the inside. A perfect liar and deceiver right? Yes you can say that.

Acceptance – There is nothing left to accept, except that my LOVE died. Unfortunately I signed the waiver myself that says “DO NOT RESUSCITATE”.

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