If the shoe fits! BUY it!

After my exhausting Quiapo trip, I went back to SM Megamall to have some late lunch. I was a bit upset because I was not able to catch the Katy Perry 3D Movie scheduled at 2:40 in the afternoon, traffic was really bad. Good thing, my close friend Ghel was just at the nearby mall, so we decided to meet.

First stop was LeDonne, a shoe shop. Second was Celine then Payless Shoesource, Forever21 and Watson’s.

After walking and walking and being frustrated about the shoe prices of Steve Madden, we decided to cool off and have a drink.

We chose Mrs. Fields since we haven’t had a chance to taste their coffee products before.

The store was cute and in the middle area of the hallways. 🙂

While waiting for our orders, Iced Coffee and Iced Mocha.

The two girls who loves to walk around the mall searching for shoes, killer shoes and wedges at that.

Thank you too!

NOTE TO SELF: Buy the Blogger one next week at The BEAD SHOP.

It’s getting late so we needed to go home and buy some cupcakes for Ghel’s sister, however, there was a major distraction, haha! It’s the Primadonna Store? Who wouldn’t love to enter this shoe haven? If shoes can only be eaten, then I would have. Ghel spotted a purple wedge… and she’s thinking if she’s gonna buy it.

She asked for my advice, as a friend I told her: “Buy it now, for it might still be here next time but not on SALE anymore”. She said: “Okay, I’ll take it”.


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