I wish to find… that person 🙂


will do everything with me. will laugh real hard on funny and corny jokes. will sit silently with me. will stare at the moon and the stars. will walk endlessly to nowhere. will stay up till the wee hours of the night. will share the weirdest thoughts. will listen patiently on my rants and raves. will not laugh on my weird dreams. will wish with me on the same star. will blow bubbles with me. will run like we are immature kids. will sit and have coffee with me. will walk barefoot on grass with me. will let me watch sappy, old movies even though we’ve seen it a thousand times. will let me drown myself from reading books. will not be afraid to get lost with me. will hug me tight. will randomly kiss me. will walk hand in hand with me. will let me do things i love. will count…

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