Pablo Neruda, Neil and Christina all rolled into one! I am in love with this collaboration! ♥

My Pretzel Logic

FOR LOSS OF WORDS is about love, loss, the art of photography and a million words.  Read by an amazing woman and voice talent, Christina Gregory (formerly Brownlee), it is one of my most memorable works owing to the many colorful (and, at times, painful) backstories behind its writing and post publishing.

*Amplification or headphone required for best listening.

For Loss of Words from The Caffeine Chronicles, My Pretzel Logic

This is my portrait of you.
It speaks to me in strange, colored verses,
in whispered codes of ancient languages.
I often get that illusion.  You are not easy to ignore.
I’ve long studied its dog-eared corners, one by one,
pressed against the fluorescent light.
I’ve made its hidden legends my own and let them float
with gray-streaked butterflies in olden seas of remembrance.
Does your sadness speak of me?
What is it worth – this picture,
your tender dedication…

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