“pretending” kills us, and I agree with you that we need to be who we are all the time. Great post and should be read by many, truly an eye opener! :)♥


Why do people pretend someone else? Why do they hide who they really are?

I had bad luck to meet people who I thought are my friends and who turned out to be fake in the end. Truth always comes out so what’s the point to lie?

I never understood it. What you hate so much in yourself that you have to pretend someone else?

It’s the most common in online communities. Dozen of times I heard how someone I thought is nice was proved fake. Unfortunately, in real life is not better. I had a friend before who I knew all my life and I thought we are best friends. As it turned out, she was talking bad things about me behind my back pretending so sweet in front of me.

I ask: WHY?

Does it make you better person to pretend someone else? Does it make you more…

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