My breakfast surprise

Woke up with the smell of coffee and eggs. Someone’s up early. Yes! Preparing breakfast for me? I hope so. My heart leaps as the sunlight enters the white laced curtain on top of my head-board. The feeling of being loved is overwhelming. I really feel like floating on air.

He knocks, oh there he is! With a tiny wooden bedside table. Plus flowers! So yellow and bright. Eggs shaped to perfection which makes me wonder why can’t I do that? I should learn, maybe a heart-shaped one is better?

“Hungry my dearest?” He asked, I melt with one look and all I managed to do was smile. He kissed my forehead and stirred the coffee. I can’t help but watch in amazement how he moves. He is so damn fine, I can stare at him all day long, just watch him, stirring my coffee non-stop.

Of course he stopped, looked me straight in the eye and said “For our names were written together in the heavens, I promise to make you happy each and every waking moment. The stars twinkle through your brown eyes and I won’t let a day pass by without seeing them, will drink your coffee and marry me?”

Before I can answer… My alarm went off.

It was a TYPICAL dream.


***The picture above inspired me to write this post, the eggs didn’t look great, please do not laugh, (though I laughed at myself for 5 minutes just by looking at it) forgive the lady who can’t perfect a round egg***

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