Love in a cup and whispered verses

Funny how some things start from black and white. They said a person will enter another person’s world when it’s time for them to meet. I call them “magical moments”. 

Then from time to time, it develops into something real. You learn to let go of all your pasts and just realize “Hey, this one is worth taking”. So we throw away all the fears, endless doubts and start to walk down the long black tunnel again.

Some tunnels are long and hard to get out to but we continue to paint things on our own one step at a time. When we reach the end we feel so glad we decided to leave that black hole and decided to free ourselves. The lights may blur our vision for a moment, but there’s someone standing in front of us, reaching for us saying “I will never ever leave, that’s infinite.”


Times like this, when I feel my heart is sinking into the bottom of the sea, I sit at coffee shops, alone. I leave my books, Ipod and other things that can cause distractions. I have created this habit of staring at people and making conversations in my head. He saying “I love you” and she whispering “I love you too!”. You can tell how one feels on how their body reacts. How the universe pulls them closer to the person where they get their energy from. They are full of happiness and compassion.

On the other hand, what I hate most is when I see another person, alone, crying talking to someone over the phone. It makes me want to sit right next to them, hug them and look deep into their eyes so I can feel the pain of what they are going through. But of course that’s invasion of privacy. So what do I do? Offer small prayers and love verses… and end it with, “This too shall pass, like any other moment”. After that, I stand up and leave, hoping the wind will bring my message to that person.

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