2 thoughts on “Things I believe in

  1. 1. OMG! I made that “happy birthday banner” for your 25th! and OMG! i was the one who wrapped your gift! LOL

    2. you still have that same same smile! LOL cute!

    3. your parents’ bed. and the loads of other people who have experienced sleeping on them.; your friends, rose &kris’ friends.. and other relatives i suppose… i for one had slept on that same bed countless of times already! ~~ TIN TIN!!!

    4. you have one of the best sibling relationships i ever had the pleasure of witnessing. i think ive already told you and jambi in passing that i somewhat envied your family relationships.

    5. damuhan. sa sto rosario ito, right?? let’s do this again with aphe! 🙂 and LOL. sadyang mas matangkad lang talaga si madam liberty sa yo. haba ng gown!

    1. Yes, that special banner and gift! I loved it! It was one of the best birthdays I had!

      My bed, I really can’t trade it for any other material thing. There are so many memories attached to it already 🙂

      Sibling relationships? Jambi and I are your sisters too remember? 🙂

      And please, let’s do the pictorial thing! Yahoo!

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