Renae, your story moved me. You are the miracle in Shirley’s Life. I am sure she enjoyed the coffee treat, and though she won’t remember you, I will and anyone who get to read this. Thank you for sharing your wonderful story, to coffee and miracles! ♥


Today I met a miracle. Yes, indeed a walking, talking miracle. My day started off like any other day. Well, except for the fact I was fasting (nothing to eat or drink) because this morning was our annual health screening at the office. Sleepily, I drudged into work. I am not me without my coffee each morning. To say I was tired was a great understatement.

With my completed health form in hand, I waited in line. Then, it was my turn. Shirley, my phlebotomist, smiled and took my health form. First she collected my height and weight. Upon seeing my weight appear on the digital scale, I exclaimed, “Yiiipppeee!!” She giggled and said most people do not react that way to their weight reading. Yeah, I guess I’m a lil different. With my weight and height written on my health form, I was ushered into a different room for…

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