Em is now a lady!

When a girl turns 18th, she’s on her way to becoming a full-grown young lady. Last week, we were able to witness Em’s transformation. Her brother NJ also celebrated his birthday, weeee! Talk about double events! I can’t help but think how old I am, before Em used to be so young and most of the time, my sisters will play with her and her siblings Hershey and MJ. They said they don’t want to approach me because I might talk to them in English! Errr… did I talk too much English back then? You guys are funny!

The cute cute cakes for EM and NJ! Happy birthday to you ♫

Sweets for my sweet tooth, sugar for my honey!

Those yellow flowers! 🙂

The stage, looks like she’s having a concert, haha!

Waiting for the party to start, can I just say the place was so lovely? The motif suits Em.

My NueveD waited for me to upload this photo over twitter, “Girls, I so love this birthday gift of yours, it fits me well, feeling so fly like a G6, haha!”

Everything happens in the comfort room, make up retouch, wacky poses, sisterhood bonding.

High heels were invented by a woman who had been kissed on the forehead. – Christopher Morley

Yep, got burned, first aid? Running water for 10 minutes and I also got to meet this awesome twins! They sing very well!

Sweets always!

The Contreras Family ♥ Em wore her first gown for the night, light pink and lady like.

This purple peacock inspired dress WOWED me, envious because I am thinking of having a peacock wedding dress, lol.

I was part of the 18 candles, I have this speech in mind but I didn’t expect the program would be so different. Not so old school, more like playing a game and the three of us above ended up modeling.

Sisters Rose and Kriss danced the night away, haha!

I shared before that I have a thing with lights and ceilings. Look at this closely, they are made of water bottles! Oh crafts! LOVE IT! They look so beautiful above but I think I was the only one who noticed them? 😦

Mom gave her birthday wishes 🙂

Of course, 18 roses and Dad’s will always be the first dance.

Em wore her last gown for the night, chic and classy! ***She’s thanking all the people who attended her concert, lol!***

How can I forget to introduce the wonderful and energetic emcee? Please meet Mr. Bobby Galang. He made all the gowns and suits worn by Contreras Family. (He is trusted, he makes fabulous gowns, all types! He organized my brother’s wedding).

The event place, please visit their Facebook Page if your interested : Sweet Harmony Gardens

Souvenirs? Perfumes! Choose your own scent!

It’s tiring to walk in heels all night, but I can’t help to pose near christmas trees, big lanterns and the LOVE word 🙂

Bonding moments with friends and sisters at the party.

***There are times when you can’t find me anywhere… first thing to check, the photobooth! I guarantee you, you’ll see me there***

Thank you Treasured Memories ♥

Em, though we were part of the 18 candles, we were not able to deliver our messages, so we decided to make a short video! We enjoyed the party! Thank you for inviting The Aralars!

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