7 cycle of that thing called Love and Heartbreak

Music during Sundays makes us wanna slouch and snooze all day. After a long and tiring but fruitful Sunday, my girls, Ton and I had a small talk about “Love, heartbreaks and the never-ending cycle”. Nina’s Someday song inspired us so much we came up certain stages. This just came from our point of view and based on personal experiences.

1. On the way to Heartbreak – When all efforts are meaningless, you just have to break it or the other way around. 

2. Heart broken – Either you feel torn into a million pieces or you feel this invisible hole in your heart.

3. Feel the hurt – You ask questions on why you have to experience such. 

4. Acceptance – You start to think about the future again… Someday 

5. A new season – Now you are ready…. to fall again. 

6. New heart – You finally found him/her 🙂 

7. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE – This is the problem, we can’t think of any song that makes us feel so in love, like in love everyday with that one person you finally found. Can you help us? Any song recommendations for our 7th part of the cycle?


So I discussed this entry of mine with my sisters. They had a few suggestions and I needed to check out the lyrics first to see if they will fit the 7th part of the cycle. After 30 minutes, I settled with this one. The song is entitled “You’re my You” by a Filipino singer Nyoy Volante. If you listen closely, he sounds so in love and contented with his love. Tell me if you like it guys! ♥

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