Servathon 2012 Hands On Manila: Save the Freedom Island

This was my third time joining our company’s Good Works Project. I am really proud to say that I am working with a company who desires to help out the Filipino community by all means. Coming from night shift, our bodies were physically tired but that would not stop our spirits from volunteering for this event. Hands on Manila Servathon has run since 2005 and all events had been successful. This year was quite special, why? We are saving the Freedom Island. Personally, I did not expect that a hidden paradise lies within the Metro.

“The 175 hectare haven stretches at the western side of the Cavite-Manila Coastal Road. It is a natural shield against typhoons and its lagoon functions as an outlet for major waterways in the two cities. Local fisherfolk families such as the magtatahong or mussels and shellfish gatherers also depend on it for their livelihood. Its rich ecosystem plays a vital role for men, birds and marine life.”Save Freedom Island Movement

Now, someone wants to build buildings and establishments in the area. That means no more Freedom Island. If the project will be approved I would really feel sad, sad for the community living around the area, the birds and marine life that will be destroyed in the process. I want to raise awareness to all my friends who will be able to read this, please sign up for this petition if you can: No To Reclamation, Save Freedom Island Movement.

Freedom Islands, it may not be perfect scene, but its beauty can still capture your soul.

The volunteers (Amie, myself, Alexa, Dredd, Hilda and Jude)

Amie is ready to clean up and plant trees! 🙂

Ready to serve for Servathon 2012

Having a bit of fun while waiting for the instructions on how to plant the seedlings properly.

Summer heat is on, good thing Amie wore her bandana.

Shovels up for Hilda, Jude and Dredd.

Happily picking up some garbage.

For I do not care about the sun at all or how hot it can be, a shovel can go a long way. 🙂

Alexa busy raking some plants, she worked it! Planted two coconut seedlings! Congrats girl!

Along the shoreline, what a sight to behold, everyone worked their way in cleaning up the area.

A boat passing by.

We were also given a go signal to plant coconut seedlings along the shoreline. I can imagine how wonderful they will be once they start to tower up, I am sure Mother Nature is so happy.

Seashells Seashells on the Sea Shore! Lovely!

Look at what I found, cute little plastic swan.

Meet COCO, he is our coconut seedling! He looks so cute!


The proud mothers of COCO. 🙂

Another boat that passed by.

Sorry if I can’t help it, these rocks were adorable.


Every little thing is lovely.

After the tree planting and clean up drive, it’s time for the main program to start. So many volunteers!

Tired but we don’t care, we can still smile. It has been a fruitful day of volunteering.

“Volunteerism is like an energy booster that fuels our hopes and aspirations and the drive to do good. It helps us feel empowered that we can do something to fix situations that we do not like.”Sir Junie Del Mundo, Chair Servathon 2012

Hosted by Mr. Marc Nelson of course! He has been an active volunteer for the past few years. Couldn’t think of any other host that can do it better, he’s perfect for it.

Ms. Bayang Barrios also supported the cause. She is a very great singer, I love the way she sings and dances at the same time.

On the bus going back to the office, I realized how important it is to join causes like this. I am not an environmentalist but there are small ways that we can do to help our country, fellow countrymen and the Earth. BE BOLD and VOLUNTEER! Let us save Mother Earth.

DO NOT FORGET TO SIGN UP : No To Reclamation, Save Freedom Island Movement

Follow Hands On Manila via Twitter and add them of Facebook

Do not forget to check out their official website Hands On Manila Servathon

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