Penny I so love the 3 H’s that I have to reblog it! 🙂 HOPE is my fave! ♥

The Why About This

Three “H’s”

Wow! You hear those three words and you think to yourself, this should prove interesting!

Three Powerful Words, HUGE! I’ll try not to disappoint you today.



“It is never far away, it can show up at a moments notice.

But don’t look for it, Just allow it to happen.

Happiness is not a thing to strive for.

It is a happening.

It moves to the beat of it’s own drum

You just need to hear the rhythm

and join in!



We live in the now of things.

We have dreams of tomorrows.

We have memories of yesterdays.

It is so easy to live in either of those places.

Be honest with yourself.

Be true to the exploration of your life.

Be true to You.

If you are not true to yourself,

You will not be true to others.

It is too easy to lie to ourselves about…

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