Wow, thanks! I hope all nurses can read this. I am a RN by profession but I am not practicing. Still, does that not mean that I have stopped caring. I truly believe in the saying that “Behind every great doctor is a hard working nurse” 🙂

Btw, glad that your Grandma is fine.

She Writes

I’m quiet a bit sad yesterday that I have not updated my blog. There was this sudden event that kept me from not doing it. No, it’s not an excuse but it is a valid reason I guess. We took my 84 year old grandmom at the hospital because she was complaining badly with her aching back. Supposedly, I was not the one who should accompany her (sis, should) but due to some reason she didn’t made it so I have no choice.

I hate being in a hospital surrounding. I just can’ t stand the place. Infact, I have never been hospitalized. I guess, more than hating, the perfect word would be fear. I had been at the hospitals before and most of my observance and experiences were quite tragic. Seeing blood, hearing cries of pain, watching somebody on their deathbeds are some of the things I just dont…

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