2 thoughts on “United States of YA

  1. Wow. This is nice! Is this the one you tweeted me about?

    ive read “my life next door” and it’s good!! One of my fave reads so far but i didn’t recommend it to you coz i wasn’t sure if you’re too fond of YA. I think sarah dessen’s “truth about forever” is good too! Score 4+ on GR tho i stalled on reading it coz of “on the island” by tracey garvis graves! Gosh JOY! You have to read it!!!!!!

    The thing is, joycie, i know you can’t stand ebooks BUT if you have a good device to read it with *ahemS3ahem* or if you finally decide to get a reader like youve been wanting to since forever, i think you’ll eventually get used to it.

    Hayy…I miss the smell of paperbacks and booksales tho, and i know you will too…

    Haha! See u later! If tuloy tayo! 🙂 *kisses*

    1. Yes, this is the one!!! What do you think? challenging right, I have read the Wizard of Oz na din pala, haha! 2 books out of 50! I feel like a loser being a book lover.

      About “On the Island” I promise to dl it as soon as I receive my phone. 🙂

      It’s a must that we visit National Bookstore’s Year end sale if they are having one soon! I remember buying sooooooo many books there… and until now, I am not yet done reading, haha!

      See you later! ♥ Muah!

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