It’s always a good time!

To 3 Single Ladies and 1 Taken,

Thank you for making this event possible, lol. I thought we won’t be able to push through with this gimik since Jhong woke up late! A few revelations may hurt us, but we will always stay strong for each other. It’s Monday and I don’t want to stress you out with some drama, will just make a separate entry on how sad I am since one of us will be leaving soon. 😦

I love you girls forever and you know that!

Love, the 4th Single Lady ♥

Just to change our usual habit of Sundays, we decided to hit the nearest mall SM Taytay.

For the hungry stomachs, nothing will ever beat MAX’s!

Sugar rush 🙂

And out of the blue, since we needed to have a gas refill, we opted for a short road trip to Tiendesitas.

After a few minutes of walking, it’s time to have a coffee break. Thank you girls for the sticker, a few more to go then I’ll have my 2013 planner.

I can be the coolest and “makulit” stranger you’ll ever meet.

Vigan inspired pictorial!

Spell crazy? That would be US.

Spread the love, will be missing you a lot Jhong.

Crazy pic 1

Super crazy pic 2

Ever crazy pic 3

Uber crazy pic 4

What now? Haha!

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