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Life can strike you hard.  It can hit like thunder. Possibly, it is the failure of your job or sudden unbelievable news. .  Maybe it is a series of unfortunate events. Maybe it’s your world turned upside down and maybe it is the loss of a loved one.Whatever it is, moving is never easy.

In fact, to move on is one of the toughest things in the world,   If you’ve ever been brokenhearted, you appreciate what I mean. Get over it!  People might tell you this.  They might exclaim, just forget the past and move forward with your life.  You might even desire to.  Then you might realize yourself stuck. Or you might discover yourself numb. Or you might notice yourself wallowing.This is where world’s best words come in to play.

My token  to you is this deep of quote for moving on. HOPE you like it Word-pressers:Image

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