Are BF’s really needed by age 27?

After dinner, my two best buds and I were talking about relationships, life and things in general. Little did I know that my dad was listening to our conversation. Our topic was mainly about “us” three being single, then he said “You are wrong, at your age, you SHOULD have boyfriends so you’ll have inspiration”. He really pushed the words ‘should’ into his sentence. We were shocked but laughed out in unison. I bet he just wanted to say “Daughter please marry soon, you are running out of time”. He Just rephrased it.

So my mind was filled with thoughts again. Are boyfriends really needed at this age? I guess not, I have said it a thousand times, if I am just a man, I could have pursued someone I really like and love. Unfortunately, I am a lady and I firmly believe that “Super great things comes to those who wait, patiently“. So dad, if ever you get to read this post, please, yes, I will have a boyfriend, my friends and I will have boyfriends (and marry soon and have kids) but not now. Just not now. No rushing! Just imagine life without me at home, who will prepare your coffee? Who will make you laugh? Who will you call ‘beautiful anak’? I am 100% sure you will miss me. 🙂 Also, there is nothing wrong with being single, as long as we’re happy and contented with our colorful lives.

Thanks Ghel and Jambi for coming!

Singles and with glasses ♥

Now who would want to marry these crazy girls? Haha!

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