Ely Buendia rocks together with an Orchestra

Another gimik on November to close the year. We needed to shake our stress away and sing our hearts out. Good thing we were able to catch some tickets for “Ely Buendia Sings His Greatest Hits Live!“. These are the moments where I wanted to work with the concert industry (just the thought of meeting singers and band members backstage makes me all perked up).

The concert was one of its kind, great musical composition for OPM/Rock music. His voice didn’t change at all, Ely still carried his songs well and made funny small comments throughout the concert. Was not able to count how many songs he performed since I was busy taking videos but as per my friend Ampy, he performed 10 of hit single. We were still on a high when it ended, 5 minutes has passed and no one from the crowd stood up, they were all yelling “One more Ely!!!” but I guess he’s really tired. Still, it was one of the greatest concert I have attended, money well spent though we were sitting at the side near the Orchestra.

Enjoy one of the videos that I have taken 🙂

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