Dearest She, What can I say? I am deeply touched, flattered and happy, ALL at the same time. Thank you for this, you never know how this made me happy, so glad I inspired you to blog.

I told you your photos are all great, with words or no words 🙂 it’s nice to know that you are enjoying at the other side of the world. Really hoping you can tour me around Italy one day.

Miss you big time, always remember, I am with you no matter what, friends for keeps! ♥♥♥

My Dutch Life

What inspires you to blog?

There are multiple reason why I’m blogging:

I. She encouraged me to blog. I’ve been reading her blog since she started it. I just love reading her crazy adventure and her vanity. So, she said “why, don’t you blog too? you are in a wonderful city and you have a nice photos.” I said, “I’m never good in words.” So, she suggest of photo blogging. That’s why I came up with my URL. She support me every now and then. She’s my inspiration because she’s fearless.


II. Passion and travelling

Photography fascinates me.

There are many stories behind them. “we don’t remember the dates but, we remember the moment.” that’s how I feel.

I know they will last.


III. Sharing

Since I grew up in Philippines and now I’m living my adult life in Europe. Everything seems so nice and new. So, I wanted…

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