11 thoughts on “ONE

    1. Aww… sorry for that… but you know the inspiration behind this poem was my friends’ story. They recently separated and in the normal process… one grieves harder than another… I heard words I once said. And there is this feeling of not wanting to let go and just try and try until ‘you’ become ‘one’ again with that other soul.

      1. as you know, i’m in the process of accepting my failed marriage. i should have make it public yet but it helps me talk about these things instead of keeping it all in.

        my hubby or should i say ex-hubby’s nickname is “one” in japanese. i remembered him yesterday and hated the fact that he is happy. it is in our human nature to do or follow what makes us happy.

        maybe it’s the holiday blues. thank you joycelyn for sharing this. don’t stop writing. 🙂

        i really found a friend in you.

      2. True, one thing I learned from life is that if we keep things to ourselves… it contaminates our being. So as much as possible we must talk it out with people whom we trust. With that said, I thank you for sharing a little bit of your story.

        I have faith Charm, that one day, you will be happy like him too, though you are living different lives now. I got some holiday blues myself… that almost came to a point of killing this blog.

        BUT I am happy I found so many friends here in our WordPress community that pushes me to write and inspire people. You too, is a dear friend, thank you. 🙂

      3. please don’t kill your blog. 😦
        it’s ok if westop blogging at times, go into hiatus, but your past posts will eventually be found by someone and inspire them. 🙂

        holiday blues,one day i’ll invent holiday rainbow, so it won’t be as down. lol.

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