Third Sunday of December

Start of Christmas parties! Before I go to sleep and rest. I would like to share my third Sunday. Had a blast with these girls and Ton of course (the only guy in our group). Though Mafel, Bham and Levy didn’t make it, at least we had a good time.
Christmas Party 2012 (2)Sending our Christmas greeting to everyone ♥

Christmas Party 2012 (3)My outfit: Statement shirt, pants, and Primadonna shoes 🙂

Christmas Party 2012 (4)

Played with lights

Christmas Party 2012 (5)

Laughing Yoga with my dearest girls!

Christmas Party 2012 (6)

Can’t believe I survived wearing that pair!

Christmas Party 2012 (7)Solo and vanity moments

Christmas Party 2012 (8)We got some freebies from each other, thanks to Jambi for the necklace and Sheera for the headbands, also, bracelets from Marco.

Christmas Party 2012 (1)Nice sunset right?

That’s it for now! How was your Sunday? Hope you had a good time too like mine.

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