My last weekend of 2012

My last weekend of 2012 was well spent. From Ayala Lights and Sounds, a dinner for two with a good friend, and watching The King and I stage play.
last weekend (1) Love the saying, “make it happen”

last weekend (3) ♥♥♥

last weekend (7) last weekend (8)Of course, the night would not be complete without my wacky face, lol!

last weekend (9) Hilda and I 🙂

last weekend (10) Blue lights

last weekend (11) Green lights

last weekend (13) The after show

last weekend (14) Christmas colors

last weekend (15) last weekend (16) I wanted to help them but seems like they just fit right in 🙂

last weekend (17)

Envied the children who kept on dancing 😦

last weekend (18)Full moon and the Peninsula

last weekend (19) My dinner

last weekend (20)Got no sleep but who cares? Seize the day and night. Now time to catch The King and I at Resorts World Manila.

last weekend (21) last weekend (22) Feeling chick in pink

last weekend (23) The show’s about to start!

last weekend (24) My supermodel cousin 🙂 Tall Tall Tall!

last weekend (25) Allen Mae and her mom

last weekend (26)

Mom and her friends

So sorry that I do not have any photos of the stage play, it is strictly prohibited and I have to abide by the rules if I want my phone to stay with me. 🙂 Anyway, the play was great! I really loved their costumes and British accent. As usual, I cried at the end, it touched my heart when The King died, but it was a good ending. You can still watch the show and buy tickets here.

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