Below zero


How do you define “cold”?

It varies I guess

One can say “it’s when I need to wear socks”

Or “it’s when I don’t need to use a fan”

I simply say

“It’s the time when my blanket is wrapped around me and I got a hot coffee in my hand”

3 thoughts on “Below zero

  1. I can´t define it as my body will define it. Few days ago we had -10 degree here and I kinda liked to walk outside on the fresh air… another day we had -2 and I felt my body shaking and thought it is too cold. I think there are several factors like wind… or air moisture and at least my body parameters on the day. So for me it is cold when my body starts alarming to say “Damn it is cold, go back home in the warm room”. 🙂

      1. Hehe, well that is a normal winter for a north german 😀 I like it for some weeks but now it´s enough already. I dont need that all the time. I wish it will be warmer soon 🙂

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