Never settle for less, wait for the best ♥

It is true, we seek love and want to be loved all the time. I won’t lie, I have always been a victim of this ‘longing attacks for the one’. But I know I cannot just jump into any man who’s offering everything to me. It is kinda tricky, some will lure you into their world with riches and never-ending material things. Some would even offer to name a star after you (which I really want, lol!). Kidding aside, I have learned to love myself and value my ‘oneness’ with deeper reflections and true emotions. All of us deserve the best. The best person who can bring out all the goodness in our hearts and spread it like wild-fire.

Personally, I want to be with a man who respects me for who I am, who would laugh with me no matter how hard moments are. I want to stand by a man who’s proud to be seen walking hand in hand with me, who can kiss me anytime without any second thoughts. I want someone who can appreciate the beauty of life and see the mountains in a different perspective. Someone who’s willing to get crazy-good-old with me.

We all want that ‘someone’. Who wouldn’t want that right? But greater things comes to those who wait… patiently. So I recommend, stop looking (unless you’re a man because you can easily pursue anyone if you are single) and while you are flying solo, there are a lot of things to be busy. Travel, read, recite poems, sing, dance alone and make yourself even better than yesterday. Before you know it, being single doesn’t hurt and when the right one comes, your happiness will double up.

Advance happy Valentines to all my single friends, and to those who have found ‘the one’, NEVER let go and keep the love burning! ♥

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