Saturdays and Baby showers

Saturdays are always fun. In fact, I love them, who wouldn’t want weekends and all the good things. Yesterday was an extra special one, I got invited to a baby shower. Yes! A baby shower but not the normal ones, this is a baby book shower. My friend Shine (previous Team Manager) is a bookworm she decided it’s best to collect books for her soon to be Baby, Rain (soon to be Rain and Shine! Weeee!). She sort of had an emergency before the party, she needed a new host. In short, she chose me and our friend Gem. I had a few doubts since I have not hosted any events like this before and honestly I think I forgot how to, lol! (can’t remember the last time I hosted). Good thing Shine briefed us on some information on how she wanted the party to go. So we had a few games like ‘guess my belly size’ and ‘guess baby rains’ birth date’. We also read mommy tips and wishes for Baby Rain. Of course, we do have a finale, book reading by the ever famous Bebang Siy (author of the book ‘It’s a Mens World‘) . She did an amazing job, it was my first time to hear “Biag ni Lam-ang” and I am sure I won’t forget her version. She is ‘laughable-talented’ and soon to be married, yey! One great ball of energy, everyone enjoyed her short show. Too sad I was not able to have a photo taken with her.

So now, let me share a few photos from yesterday :

Collage 2013-02-03 16_42_32Books, cupcakes, sweets, art stuff, invites! Dr. Seuss theme! Yipee!

Collage 2013-02-03 16_42_53

Moonleaf Tea Shop Thank you so much! Cozy place and perfect for events like this!

TM Shine, I do hope Baby Rain will love books like us. It is amazing that you want her to be a ‘bookworm’ at an early age. I know she will be, you are surrounded by books everywhere, like literally! 🙂 I enjoyed hosting the event with Gem, reading mommy tips from your friends was helpful (haha, feeling soon to be mom?) and of course wishes for Baby Rain were all so sweet. Now, I can’t wait to have my own since you volunteered to organize it, lol!

Have a safe delivery and you are gonna be a great mom, I just know it! Your kind words are appreciated.

Fullscreen capture 232013 61751 PM.bmp

♥ Joycey

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