This calls for an early re-blog! Wohoo! You are one great single lady, at ako din, haha! Well said, natawa ako sa ‘losyang’ part. Happy tuesday!

Jumbled Coffee Thoughts

Every man and woman’s nightmare is here. February. For singles, ‘tis the season where your being single is slapped on your forehead as reminder; as if all the sappy love songs and siamese-like lovers are not enough. For couples, ‘tis the season where grand professions of love must be displayed, otherwise your partner feels you don’t love her/him anymore just because ‘twas a smaller/cheaper gift than the one he/she got the year before.

But this is not about that (maybe in the next posts… if laziness doesn’t strike).

I have seen my parents, married friends or those living together to see what makes or breaks a marriage or relationship. And so, I thought of listing promises to my married self. Not that it’s in the offing; I’m million miles away from that. I cast these upon the great cosmic void. Who knows, The Lost Prince may finally arrive, amazed…

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